Why Fee Only


The only thing true Fee Only planners "sell" is their professional assistance and advice. We work solely for our clients, focusing only on their best interests.

Financial Planning is the development and implementation of a coordinated plan for the achievement of your overall financial objectives. These objectives may include investment management, tax and retirement planning, estate planning and special needs planning such as college funding. I will consider the interrelationship of each of these important financial security components and take a "systems approach" toward achieving your goals.

I work strictly on a Fee Only basis. True Fee Only planners, myself included, receive no compensation from any product recommended. We do not represent any product or company; we only represent you, the client. Our compensation comes only from the fees paid by our clients. We NEVER accept commissions, trails, cross-selling fees, referral fee arrangements, kickbacks, surrender fees, sales contests, "educational cruises" and vacations, or "free" gifts.

Because Fee Only planners have no monetary interest in your purchase or investment decision, you do not have to wonder if the recommendations offered are being influenced by commissions or other forms of vendor-paid compensation. Because there are no third-party influences to color the financial and investment recommendations rendered, Fee Only planners can concentrate on providing the highest level of personalized service and offer professional, independent, unbiased advice.

I proudly display the Fee Only logo on all my company communications. Only true Fee Only financial planners, as narrowly defined by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)--the only professional association representing true Fee Only financial advisors--are allowed to use this symbol.

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