Quoted in Investment Advisor, February 2009

Quoted in the February 2009 issue of Investment Advisor in a story titled "Is Mary [Schapiro] what the SEC Needs?" by Melanie Waddell.

Here are the specific quotes from the story:

George Papadopoulos, a planner in Ann Arbor, Michigan, said in his survey response that Schapiro "has the potential to be a disastrous SEC appointment for independent RIAs.  Based on her record of many years of not defending a fiduciary standard to apply to all advisors, and her very extensive contacts and relationships with executives from disgraced investment banks wirehouses, we independent RIAs should be very afraid and threatened by her.  Let's all remember that FINRA was supposed to be regulating Madoff, too"

Here is the link to the article:  http://www.investmentadvisor.com/Issues/2009/February%202009/Pages/Is-Mary-What-the-SEC-Needs-.aspx

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